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The 2019-20 enrollment period ended on June 28, 2019 and Schools of Choice is now closed.



October 22, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Today marks the beginning of the eighth week of school. As difficult as it is to imagine, the school year will be over 20% completed by the end of this week. I am sure that if you ask our students and staff that have been working hard inside the classrooms, they will tell us that they are more than ready for a break! The good news is that we are off to another great start and I continue to see amazing things taking place within our buildings and our community. While there are simply too many exciting things to share in a short update letter, I do want to take this opportunity to highlight just a few things to celebrate as we move forward.

Bedford Public Schools students have been performing at a high level across the district. Earlier this fall, the district received our spring 2019 State Assessment Scores. Our district students once again performed well on the state standardized assessments across all grade-levels. A highlight for this past year’s assessment is the overall SAT Composite Score earned by the Bedford High School Junior Class. The SAT is a nationally normed assessment given each spring to all eleventh grade students in the state. In 2019, BHS Juniors increased the building’s overall score by thirteen points to a 1022.8 composite. This is a great feat during a year that saw overall decreases in both the State of Michigan average (985.1) and the Monroe County average (970.5). We are very proud of all of our students and the efforts that they continue to put forth each year on these assessments!

There are still many wonderful student events that will be taking place over the next couple of months. We hope that you have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the great student performances that we have scheduled. The district website ( has a list of upcoming concert performances for both the junior and senior high schools. In addition, many of our fall athletic teams are still competing and will be competing for playoff spots. Each of our elementary building PTO Groups have events planned for their families as well. It truly is a great time to be a part of Bedford Public Schools.

Finally, as the fall winds down and we march toward the winter months, I want to remind everyone how important it is to make sure that our students are dressed appropriately for the weather. Buildings will continue to head outside for daily activities whenever possible which means that it may be necessary to pack hats and gloves for student use. This time of year also means that it is necessary to start paying attention to weather reports. I want to reiterate that if it is necessary to make any changes to our normal schedule due to weather related issues that I will always try to do so in a respectful manner. I understand that timing is everything for families, but please keep in mind that sometimes an extra thirty-minute wait can mean the difference between holding and canceling school on our end. I will send more information out in the next month regarding this topic but I did want to start the conversation. The district will continue to utilize the Honeywell Alert System for making voice, text, and email announcements during emergencies so please make sure that your contact information is updated in the student system. In addition, if you have not already done so, please follow my twitter account @BedfordSupt to get regular updates on district events including weather-related issues.

Dr. Carl Shultz
Superintendent of Education, Bedford Public Schools

October 21-25

graphic showing that all scenarios of road configurations must stop for school buses and their red flashing lights in Bedford Township

October 21-25 is School Bus Safety Week. Our drivers care about the safety of our students. One of their biggest concerns is drivers that fail to stop for their flashing red lights. There are very few instances where people do not have to stop for a bus with its red lights flashing in Michigan and none of those conditions exist in Bedford! No matter whether the road is a 2 lane country road in the rural parts of the township or a busy 5 lane road with a center turn lane like Lewis Ave, EVERYBODY MUST STOP if a bus has its red flashing lights on. It does not matter which direction you are heading, whether you are behind the bus or coming from the opposite direction on the other side, EVERYBODY MUST STOP! Helps us keep our kids safe!

Posted: October 18, 2019


Congratulations Bedford Golfer, Emma Mulder on taking 15th place at the MHSAA State Girls Golf Tournament!


Updated: October 22, 2019

Thumbnail image of Safety Summit flyer2019 MONROE COUNTY
Lessons from Columbine

Wednesday, October 23
Meyer Theater at Monroe County Community College
1555 S. Raisinville Road, Monroe

Dave Cullen is the author of "Columbine," an examination of the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999. The book gained attention for addressing many of the so-called Columbine “myths” that were widely accepted.

The author spent 10 years researching and writing the book, which spent 8 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list in the spring of 2009.

These presentations are designed to encourage dialogues among varied groups of concerned citizens. To put it bluntly, there really isn’t anyone who is not impacted by the potential for a massive safety threat in today’s world. Time and time again, we have seen violence perpetrated in school settings.

Choose whichever session suits your schedule that day, but PLEASE make the decision to attend this event!

Join us for one of these sessions:

8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

We thank our local sponsors: La-Z-Boy, Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition, Child Advocacy Network of Monroe County, DTE Foundation, Monroe Bank & Trust, United Way of Monroe/Lenawee Counties, The Mall of Monroe, and the Hon. Frank Arnold.

Posted: October 10, 2019

Fall Concert Schedule

All performances are free and open to the public! Come and see all of our talented musicians perform!

    BJHS Fall Band Concert (6th, 7th, 8th grade bands):
    October 22 at 7 pm in the junior high gym

    Fall Orchestra Harvest Concert (BJHS and BHS orchestras):
    October 28 at 7 pm in the high school auditorium

    Bandorama (BHS bands):
    October 30 at 7 pm in the high school competitive gym

Junior Performers Choir Concert

Junior Performers feature singers from 3rd - 8th grader from all of the elementary schools and Bedford Junior High School. They will be performing along with members of the Bedford High School Varsity Choir on October 25th at 7 pm in the high school auditorium. This performance is open to the public! Come and see all of our talented singers perform!

Correction: This event has an $8.00 admission charge.

Updated: October 18, 2019


Thumbnail photos of yearbooks and supplements for sale

Bedford High School Yearbooks from 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 are currently available. Spring Supplements from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016 are also available.

Each yearbook is available for $5.00 and spring supplements are $1.00 each while supplies last. All sales are first come, first serve. Cash only, please. Please pay for, and pick up, your desired yearbook at the Bedford Public Schools Administration Building, 1623 W. Sterns Road, Temperance, MI 48182.

Any questions about the sale of these extra yearbooks can be directed to Dona Folk, 734-850-6017.

Note: Yearbooks for the 2019-2020 school year are ordered individually online. There should be no expectation that excess inventory will become available as surplus items to purchase for this school year or any future ones.

Updated: October 11, 2019


Clipped box top design switching to scanned box top receipt

Redeeming Box Tops is now available using a free app that scans your receipt (within 14 days of purchase) and automatically applies the 10 cents per participating item to the school you choose. Look for the new Box Tops scan logo on the package. More information on this new app for box tops can be found at

If you see the familiar, traditional Box Tops logo as the packaging is being phased out of production, you may continue to clip and send them to school before the expiration date printed on the box top. During the transition, you can actually double dip by clipping and scanning the receipt so the school will get 20 cents per item during that time!

Friends and family, near and far, can also participate using the app and selecting their preferred Bedford Public School building to support. School selection can be changed in the app settings if you need to share the wealth between an elementary school for the first semester and the junior high for the second semester, for example.

This is a great way to provide your favorite school with additional resources without any additional expense to you! We appreciate your time in supporting our schools in this manner! Thank you!

Posted: September 30, 2019


Each spring, our students take the state required standardized tests. Most of the testing was done through the M-STEP (Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress) online assessment testing program. Eighth graders took the College Board's PSAT 8/9 in Math and English Language Arts. Our juniors took the SAT as well. The results of all of these tests have come in.

SAT results graphic. All data included in accompaning article text.On the SAT this past spring, the junior class did very well. Our juniors averaged 1022.8 while the rest of the state was at 985.1. Monroe County students averaged 970.5. This reflects an improvement of 13.1 points over Bedford's 2018 average score while the rest of the state dropped from an average score of 1000.1 and the Monroe County average dropped from 987.3.

Of the assessment tests given, Bedford's results exceeded the state average in 15 of 17 tests. The 6th grade and 7th grade English Language Arts tests were the only ones that did not exceed the state average. The grade/subject with the highest percentage of proficient students was 8th grade English Language Arts.

2019 MSTEP results graphic thumbnail

As with any summative standardized test, these assessments are one snapshot in time of how our students perform. We use the data generated by these tests, in conjunction with other student assessment data gathered throughout the year, to look for ways to improve. Bedford's Balanced Assessment Team and school improvement efforts continuously focus on ways to improve education for each of our students.

Posted: September 12, 2019

FUNdraiser Events for New Restrooms at Bedford Community Stadium
Visit for details on the:


All proceeds will go towards the purchase of new, permanent restrooms in the stadium. All tickets and sponsorships are available online at their website. For more information, you can email or call Michelle German at 419-215-7600.

Updated: September 12, 2019


The Bedford Public Schools Facilities Department will treat outdoor areas (weather permitting) throughout the months of April - September. The areas to be treated will be announced at least 48 hours in advance on the District website ( and the main entrance to the facility being treated. (e.g.: main turnstile gate at the community stadium for applications within the facility) Signage will remain in place for the appropriate reentry period specified on the label of the product used. (e.g.: 4 hour reentry period for dry time of product Pronto. Last application time at stadium 10:30 am, reentry is 2:30 pm for entire stadium)


-- None currently scheduled --

Records of the treatments will be available in the main office within 48 hours of completion of each inspection, application of pesticide or service call. IPM Records are available for review anytime, and are located in the main office.

Updated: October 11, 2019


Free & Reduced Meal Applications for 2019-20 School Year

Applications for free/reduced meals for 2019-2020 are available online, on the Food Service webpage, in all the school offices, or can be printed here.

This form must be filled our annually as benefits will expire on October 11, 2019 if a new application is not submitted. Families can also apply for Free and Reduced School Meals at any time during the school year.

Participation is confidential and anonymous to use. All student transactions at the cafeteria cash register appear identical regardless of whether students are paying full price, receiving reduced prices, or free meals, to protect the confidentiality of program participation. It's a win-win situation: the students benefit from the healthy food at breakfast and lunch with families keeping more of their hard earned money, and schools can benefit from federal funding and programs that become available based on family participation in the school meal program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Applying for Free & Reduced Price School Meals

Please call the Food Service Director, Meaghan Eckler, at 734-850-6127 or Food Service Secretary, Tionya Byrne, at 734-850-6126 if you have any questions about this process.

Food Service Donations Accepted

In the past, Bedford Public Schools has been fortunate to have received donations to help pay off students' negative food service balances. Accounts have been set up at each school to receive donations from anyone else interested in ensuring that all of our students can enjoy a healthy meal every day at school. Stop by the school office if you wish to make a similar donation.

Posted July 29,2019

Back to School Edition

Bedford Public Schools has two nurses that serve our students in addition to the Health Aides in each school building. To promote health and wellness, they will be drafting articles to appear on our website each month. Information in this article, and other health related topics, can found on the Health & Safety page of our website by clicking on that page link on the right under District Departments.

A few reminders to parents in an effort to keep our students healthy and safe:

ALL MEDICATIONS, including prescription, over-the-counter, topicals and cough drops require a Medical Authorization Form which includes both a parent and physician signature. Medications MUST be brought to school by a parent/guardian/adult. Students, even if they are 18 years of age, may NOT carry medication to school.

REVIEW CONTACT INFO: Please review the emergency contact numbers you submit to the school. Many times these contacts/numbers are outdated, making it difficult for Health Services staff to get in touch with you in the event of a medical emergency or concern.

VISIT BEFORE CALLING: Please remind your students to go to the Health Room in their building if a parent/guardian needs to be contacted in the event of illness or injury. Texting from the classroom is against school policy and creates confusion when a parent calls the Health Room and staff is unaware of the situation.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Students new to the district, those who left BPS and are now returning, incoming Young 5 and Kindergarten students and those entering 7th grade for the 2019-20 school year must provide an updated immunization record, or current vaccine waiver form, to the school by their first day of attendance. Immunization waivers are available by appointment only at the Monroe County Health Department. (734-240-7800) Students with an in complete immunization record will be subject to exclusion until a complete record is obtained.

ABSENCES: Please notify the Health Room or Attendance Office at your child's school if your student is absent due to illness. It is appreciated by our staff if you provide us with details of the illness, particularly if the student has a communicable illness. We pass this information on to the Monroe County Health Department (not student specific) to track the incidence of influenza or other communicable illnesses. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

FEVERS: Students must be fever-free for 24 hours without anti-fever medication such as Advil or Tylenol before returning to school. This will help reduce the spread of illness throughout the district. A fever is considered greater than 100.4 degrees.


Please remember that a Medical Authorization Form, signed by a physician, is required for your child to use any Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications -- this includes cough drops -- while in school. All medications MUST be brought to school by a parent/guardian/adult with appropriate paperwork. Students, even if they are 18 years of age, may NOT carry medication to school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Karen Weis and Mindy Klawonn, District Nurses

Updated: September 11, 2019


​* Note: Dismissal time on any half days is at 11:00 am for Bedford High School and Bedford Junior High School; Dismissal at Douglas Road Elementary, Jackman Road Elementary, and Monroe Road Elementary is at 12:00 pm (noon) on half days.

Each individual school also maintains a calendar of events specific to their building on their webpages.


Athletic Events Calendar

​​District Facilities Calendar

(ML Schedules is a searchable calendar for events at all Bedford Public Schools' facilities)

Facility Use Requests

2019-2020 District Student
School-Year-At-a Glance​ Calendar

BPS Student Year at a Glance Calendar Thumbnail Image

Note: Easter is the last day of Spring Break (April 12, 2020).


Community & Adult Education programs, classes, leagues, and events for the current season.

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September-December 2019 Brochure

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If you see or hear something that doesn't seem right, you can submit a confidential tip to OK2SAY. OK2SAY allows anyone to confidentially report tips on criminal activities or potential harm directed at Michigan students, school employees, or schools.

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     PHONE: 8-555-OK2SAY (855-565-2729)
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