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Students must arrange for a ride home from any club meetings.

Coding Club
(8th Graders)
Room # 50
2:30-3:30 pm

6th Grade Card Club
Room # 206
2:30-3:30 pm

Design An App Club
Room # 50
2:30-3:30 pm

Knit & Crochet Club
Room # 29
2:30-3:30 pm

Sci Fi Movie Club
Room # 215
2:30-3:30 pm

Bible Fellowship Club
Room # 23
2:30-3:30 pm

Sci Fi Movie Club
Room # 215
2:30-3:30 pm

Girls Who Code Club
Room # 3
2:45-4:00 pm





We are accepting new student registrations for the 2019-2020 school year. Stop in the office today!

For more information, please call 734-850-6028, or our school office:
     Bedford Junior High School: 734-850-6200

-- Bedford Public Schools Registration Form
-- Health Appraisal Form
-- Proof of Residency which must include:
     -- Proof of homeownership (Property tax, deed) or rental/lease agreement
     -- Current utility bill (water, gas, electric) or homeowner's insurance policy
     -- Valid Michigan Driver's License or Michigan State ID
           with current Bedford address
-- Certified Birth Certificate *
-- Accurate Immunization Records
-- Hearing & Vision Screening Records (due 8/23/2019)
-- Custody/Guardianship Papers (if applicable)
-- Recommended: Your calendar to schedule a screening date in June

* If parent's name is different than what is listed on the child's birth certificate, additional documentation will be required.

Updated: April 16, 2019


group photo of BJHS Yearbook StaffWe are getting close to selling out...you may want to order now rather than wait for the May 25th last chance order deadline!


Basic Package: $46 (Yearbook with namestamp with one line of text and one icon, and clear book protector)
Deluxe Package: $55 (Yearbook with namestamp with one line of text and three icons, and clear book protector)

Updated April 18, 2019


It's buy one get one free at the book fair this week, May 13-17th from 10:30 am -12:30 pm in the media center and on Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00 am., so students can purchase books, before school starts. We will also have a family night on Tuesday from 5:00-7:00 pm.

Posted: May 2, 2019


Michigan House and Senate have approved legislation to excuse four additional emergency days (this year). The Bill has been sent to the Governor for her signature. As long as she signs it, which is widely believed that she will do, this means no adjustments will be needed to the end of this school year's calendar. The last day of school will be a half day on June 11th as originally planned. Thank you Bedford for your patience and support.

Posted: May 2, 2019


Mental Health Essay Challenge

Open to students 16-18
Entries due: May 31, 2019
Cash prizes available for selected essays
Essay details and entry instructions

#4Mind4body challenge

Mental Health America has a challenge each day in May to make small changes – both physically and mentally – to create gains for our overall health and well-being. Each day of the week we will have a theme for the type of activity and those will be shared with high school students through Schoology:

#MindfulMonday, #TastyTuesday, #WellnessWednesday, #ThoughtfulThursday, #FitnessFriday, #StressFreeSaturday and #SleepWellSunday

#TastyTuesday: Checking in on the 3rd #TastyTuesday – have you been able to 'tweak' your regular diet to incorporate some of the foods that support positive mental health?

Here is a favorite recipe that includes many of the listed food items:

Corn and Black Bean Guacamole

· 3 medium to large avocados
· 1 small roma tomato (diced)
· 1/4 cup diced red onion
· 1 jalapeno pepper (diced)
· 2 TBS - 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
· 1/2 cup corn
· 1/2 cup black beans (rinsed)
· 1 tsp chili powder
· garlic powder
· 1 tsp salt
· juice from 1 lime


1. Cut your avocados in half and remove the pit. Cut each avocado into pieces inside the skin. Scoop out into a bowl with a spoon.
2. Add your tomato, onion, cilantro, corn, and black beans to the bowl.
3. Sprinkle with garlic powder, chili powder, salt and add limejuice to taste.
4. Stir gently to combine.
5. Serve with your favorite chips.

A video to gently remind you of the top 10 healthiest foods.

#MindfulMonday: Research indicates that people who practice mindfulness regularly experience benefits like reduced rumination (repeated thoughts about distress or problems without finding solutions), reduced stress levels, boosted working memory, increased focus, less emotional reactivity and more relationship satisfaction.

Dr. Dzung Vo, a pediatrician and clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada specializes in teaching and researching how mindfulness can promote resilience in young people to help them thrive in the face of stress and adversity.

Here is a 3 minute video, "Mindfullness: Youth Voices" of what teens reported about mindfulness.

One exercise to try is Mindful Listening. The idea is to listen intently from a neutral standpoint, with a present awareness -to become fully entwined – don't' think---hear.

Mindfulness Bell - A 5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

#SleepWellSunday: Sleep. For some, it may seem like a waste of time. You could instead be answering e-mail, doing a chore, working or finishing school tasks. But research shows you're more likely to succeed at your tasks – and enjoy greater well-being – if you get some serious shuteye.

Of course, it's not easy to sleep when you're feeling overwhelmed. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they lose sleep because of stress. That's especially unfortunate because sleep combats some of the fallout of stress, and poor sleep has been linked to significant problems including:
-- impaired memory
-- reduced immune system functioning
-- weight gain
-- greater likelihood of accidents

Radical changes occur in adolescence include tremendous hormonal shifts and significant brain development, which affect teenage behavior. However, the physical, mental and behavioral consequences of chronic sleep deprivation are profound. Studies indicate 60-70% of American teens live with a borderline to severe sleep debt.

According to Dr. Mary Carskadon, professor of psychiatry at Brown University, sleep deprivation puts teenagers into a kind of perpetual cloud or haze. That haze, Dr. Carskadon, stated, can negatively affect teenager's mood, ability to think, to react, to regulate their emotions, to learn and to get along with adults.

In addition, recent research suggests sleep deprivation interferes with brain function at a cellular level. Scientists at UCLA found that sleep deprivation interferes with the ability of some brain cells to function and communicate with one another.

Sleep deprivation: disrupts levels of hormones that affect thought, mood and energy; leaves key areas of the brain "always on" and activates genes that interfere with optimal brain activity.

Additional side effects include:

Attention is especially sensitive to the effects of sleep deprivation. Attention is about focus and concentration-your ability to stay with tasks long enough to make meaningful progress. Sleep deprivation makes focus harder to achieve.

Reacting to changing circumstances around is a critical skill that helps keep us and others – safe. It can be significantly compromised by sleep deprivation.

Research indicates sleep is deeply critical to memory in all its phases – from acquiring memories to storing them, to recalling them. Sleep deprivation impairs learning and the ability to create new memories. Poor sleep also diminished your capacity to recall the memories you've already made.

The area of the brain that handles planning and complex decision making and enables you to make complicated, nuanced judgment calls that balance risk and reward (prefrontal cortex) is especially hard hit by sleep deprivation. Low on sleep, you're more likely to be impulsive in your decision making and engage in risky behavior.

The video, "What would happen if you didn't sleep?" by Claudia Aguirre shows what happens to your body and brain when you skip sleep. Dr. Claudia Aquirre is a neuroscientist who earned her doctorate degree in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California (USC).

#StressFreeSaturday: Today's challenge is about hobbies. Many, if not most of us, find ourselves stuck in a daily or weekly routine that offers little more than a 'rinse and repeat' type of life. This is great because a schedule is easy to stick with and we always know what to expect, which makes life easy to sail through.

However, what happens when that routine becomes very dull and overly predictable?

A benefit of having a hobby allows us to relax and sore of 'zone out' while doing something we find enjoyable. Hobbies can be physical like golf, gardening or dancing, or they can be activities like writing, making music, crafting or cosplaying that provide an opportunity to flex our creative muscles.

Incorporating a hobby into your life can add the excitement and spark that it may need to flow over to your overall performance and ability to maintain a healthy family and other relationships.

-- Hobbies are a great stress reliever. They are a healthy and productive distraction from school and personal troubles.
-- Hobbies encourage you to take a break. Hobbies offer you an opportunity to take a break, while also giving you a sense of purpose.
-- Hobbies allow you to explore yourself and your talents. You never really know what you're capable of unless you try something.
-- Hobbies can help your performance. Having a hobby helps you learn how to handle stress and think creatively.
-- Hobbies help you grow. Doing something that leaves you feeling inspired and recharged feeds your soul.
-- Hobbies exercise the brain, which is a benefit for mental health. Many of us get stuck in a repetitive routine, doing the same thing continually. A hobby can compliment your work by exercising your brain in different ways.

So, how to choose a hobby that will work for you? Different hobbies offer different benefits. Perhaps answering the following questions may assist you in finding the 'perfect' hobby for you.

   What are you currently missing- more social time, competition, relaxation?
   What health need could your hobby help with-cardio, exercising your brain, spending time outdoors?
   What interest would you like to further?
   What skills would you like to have?
   What social groups would you like to be involved with?

10 hobbies for mental health and happiness:
-- Meditation for relaxation
-- Dance is best for happiness
-- Acting is great for making friends
-- Mind-body exercises (yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong) are best for relaxation and inner peace
-- Walking/hiking/running in nature are best for anxiety, depression and overall mental health
-- Art/writing/photography are good hobbies for creativity
-- Gardening is a good hobby for relaxation and happiness
-- Time at the beach is best for relaxation
-- Cooking is best for health
-- Volunteering/altruism and compassion are good for happiness
-- Aikdo is a good hobby for happiness and inner peace

Which hobby will you choose?

#FitnessFriday: It's #FitnessFriday with the focus on 'emotional fitness'. Emotional fitness is the simple idea that our minds need regular exercise and training just as much as our bodies do in order to stay healthy and fit.

Consider the following:
-- have you ever wished you could handle stress with a little more grace and a little less anxiety?
-- do you frequently get the sense that your most important relationships would be stronger if you had a better handle on your own emotional struggles?
-- or perhaps you are about to enter a new phase of life (graduation – moving away from home, etc) and want to be as emotionally available and balanced as possible but worry that you're not quite there?

Three exercises to build your emotional fitness include:

As Winifred Gallagher puts it in her book, "Rapt": Your life-who you are, what you think, feel and do, what you love – is the sum of what you focus on. This means that if we want to get serious about changing how we think about things, we need to build up our attention muscle and learn to control what we choose to focus on or disengage from. We need to strengthen our ability to shift our attention from whatever event or stimuli happens to attract it and keep it focused on the things that will help us make good decisions, do our best work and move toward our values and goals.

Things themselves don't make us feel the way we do; instead, it's the way we think about things that impact us emotionally. Our thoughts cause emotions, not things themselves. So, if our thoughts determine the quality of how we feel on a regular basis, that means that by changing how we tend to think about things, we can change how we tend to feel about things. A good place to begin changing negative or unhelpful thought patterns and/or habits is to learn to identify and then modify cognitive distortions. If you are not familiar with the term, you can learn more about them in this article: 10 Types of Negative Self-Talk(and How to Correct Them)

Many people have unhealthy relationships with their own emotions. Although it sounds technical, the concept of emotional validation is simple: rather than try to fix or eliminate our emotions, we can acknowledge them instead with a couple of techniques.

-- label your emotions clearly. We tend to you vague terms to describe what we are experiencing. Instead, be very specific about emotion your feeling at the time…Nervous? Ashamed? Disillusioned? Excluded? Guilty?.......
-- notice the complexity of your emotions. The vast majority of the time our emotional state involves many different emotions of various intensities.
-- practice tolerating and accepting emotional discomfort. Of course, we don't enjoy feeling sad or anxious or guilty. Rather than trying to fix or eliminate our negative emotions and moods (which incorrectly teaches the brain to interpret them as threats), it's best to simply acknowledge them.
-- learn your "emotional kryptonite". Everyone has certain emotions they especially dislike and tend to avoid. But this avoidance can lead to serious negative consequences.

#ThoughtfulThursday: Today's focus includes self-respect and self-esteem.

Self-respect is indicative of how you view yourself. Showing self-respect keeps your positive feelings about you flowing and growing. When you practice self-respect, you will feel more positive emotions and thoughts about yourself.

Some tips to help develop a healthy level of self-respect include:
-- consider your own feelings
-- avoid making self-deprecating comments
-- acknowledge to yourself that you deserve respectful treatment
-- avoid allowing anyone to treat you disrespectfully
-- behave in ways that show you care
-- treat others with respect

Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. It's based on our opinions and beliefs about ourselves, which can sometimes feel difficult to change.

Your self-esteem can affect whether you:
-- like and value yourself as a person
-- are able to make decisions and assert yourself
-- recognize your strengths and positives
-- feel able to try new and/or difficult things
-- show kindness towards yourself
-- move past mistakes without blaming yourself unfairly
-- take the time you need for yourself
-- believe your matter and are good enough
-- believe you deserve happiness

It's important to remember that you have the right to feel good about who you are.

Thought for today: Know Your Worth

"You must find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer being served" -Tene Edwards-

Question to ponder: If your thoughts were posted on a billboard, would you be proud or embarrassed by them? Would you even dare to say those things to someone else? If not, why would you believe it's OK to be telling them to yourself?

#WellnessWednesday: The focus today is to learn about self-regulation and it's impact on our relationships with family, friends and society in general.

According to Dr. Stuart Shanker, self-regulation refers to the manner in which an individual deals with stress, in it's many forms, and then solves problems constructively.

Dr. Stuart Shanker is a research professor of Philosphoy and Psycholgost at York University in Toronto, Canada. He is also the founder and Science Director of the Self-Regulation Institute (SRI) and an acclaimed author and international speaker. Dr. Shanker is best known as Canada's leading expert in the psychophysiological theory of self-regulation.

Dr. Shanker states there are five domains of self-regulation with each one having it's own unique set of stressors – biological, emotion, cognitive, social and prosocial.

Although unique, they are all interlocked in such a way that stress in any one domain can exacerbate stress-reactivity in another. His series of YouTube videos explains more:
-- What is Self-Reg?
-- The Biological Domain
-- The Emotion Domain
-- The Cognitive Domain
-- The Prosocial Domain

Updated: May 22, 2019

Summer Test Out Applications for High School Classes for 2019-2020 Freshmen

Summer test out applications are due to the high school's main office on Friday, May 24 by 2:30 pm. Forms can be found on the Counseling page of the high school website (You can use the Counseling tab in the navigation bar at the top of their home page.) No late registration forms will be taken this year. Please have your form and money in on time. If you have any questions please see Mrs. Schultz in high school room B2.

While you can select a preferred week of testing, you must be available to make an appointment to test out on any day of that week.

Testing Weeks:
   Week 1: July 22 - July 26
   Week 2: July 29 - August 2

Any available study materials can be picked up in the high school office June 17 - June 28.

Posted: May 8, 2019

"Supplying Our Future" Backpacks for Kids in Monroe County

Backpacks for Kids logoThis is program run by a group of caring people and our friends at the Salvation Army and the United Way of Monroe County who are working to make sure every child K-12 has the school supplies necessary to start school. It is that time of year again we are seeking applicants to receive backpacks and school supplies in August to make sure they start next school year off on the right track. Deadline to return the Backpack Referral Form is July 19th.

Backpack Pick Up date is Friday, August 9th from 4-6 pm at the Francis Family YMCA at 2000 W. Dean Road, Temperance Michigan 48182. Students can bring swimsuits and enjoy the YMCA pool, too, but parents MUST swim with their children!

Posted: April 29, 2019

Saturday, August 17, 2019
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Monroe County Health Department has scheduled their annual Back to School Health Fair at 2353 South Custer Road, Monroe, MI 48161. Free services for children ages 5-19 will be offered there! Limited appointments are available. Please call 734-240-7800 for more information.

-- Immunizations
-- Hearing & Vision Screenings
-- School/Sports Physicals
-- Nutrition Education
-- Recycling Education
-- Medication Takeback
--And Family Fun & Games!

Posted: May 15, 2019


Volleyball summer camp flyers are in the office. Camp is Monday through Thursday, June 17-20th from 12-2:30 at the high school for incoming 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Please register early so you are not left out.

Posted: April 30, 2019

Bedford Community Education Announcements

Check out the Spring/Summer Community Education Info (use the link in the navigation bar above to visit their website or click on the current brochure link to the left)! There really is something for everyone, any age and any skill level.

Posted: April 29, 2019


Attention all writers: Mrs. Matlow and Miss DePorre will be hosting Young Writers Day on May 30th, during hours 5,6, and 7 in Mrs. Matlow's room, #35. The past 3 years, students have really enjoyed it. We encourage you to pick up a participation form from Mrs. Matlow to sign up. There will be pizza and pop for lunch. Students will watch an author video and write a group story. Please see Mrs. Matlow in room #35 to pick up a participation form. See you there!

Posted: April 23, 2019


You will play Uno, Skipbo, and many other games. Play with friends and have fun. We will meet on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 beginning April 23rd in room #206.

Posted: April 23, 2019


Attention all 8th grade girls interested in running cross-country next year at the high school, please see Mr. Davis in room 217 if you have any questions.

Junior High tryouts: May 20-22 from 3-5 pm, high school new gym

High School tryouts: May 28-30 from 5-7 pm, high school new gym

For tryouts athletes must wear Bedford colors, cheer or tennis shoes, and no jewelry throughout all of tryouts! Sideline cheer tryout packets are now available in the main office at the high school.

There will be a parent meeting for Bedford Football players in grades 9-12 next year on Tuesday 5/28 at 6 pm in the gym. We will be discussing the summer calendar and the upcoming season.

There will be a brief meeting for hockey players on Monday, May 13 right after school in the high school cafeteria.

Volleyball will begin weight training on Monday, April 8, for 8th graders who plan to play in high school. This is NOT mandatory. If you are playing a school spring sport please wait until after your season has ended. If you are not currently in a school spring sport, and would like to start training, come on Wednesday's from 4-5pm.

The Bedford High School Marching Band has no prerequisites of any kind and provides extracurricular involvement for students before they actually enter high school.

Marching Band Registration Form should be completed using the student's mybedford email account by 5/15 if possible.

Marching Band payments can be made through MySchoolBucks..

Additional program information can be found in the Marching Band Handbook.

Any questions can be director to band directors Mr. Cory Meggitt or Mr. Josh Glover.


Quick Note about Sports Physicals and Tryouts:
A MHSAA physical is required for participation in any of our district's athletics activities and would be required for tryouts and before practice begins. A physical must be dated after April 15th prior to the start of the respective year but is then good for that entire school year. (So after April 15, 2019 for the 2019-20 school year.)

There are a couple of potential areas for confusion to occur. For example, an athlete that only does a spring sport and gets a physical for that may assume that they would then be covered for a fall sport. This doesn't work for MHSAA because while both sports are part of the same calendar year, they are in different school years.

The other area that becomes confusing is with tryouts. For example, a current spring athlete may wish to tryout for Cheer. MHSAA considers the spring sport OK with your current physical, but the tryout is technically for a fall one so they require a new physical to be completed before participating in the tryouts.

We realize that in Final Forms, it may be saying that an athlete's physical does not expire for for some time yet but that is only applicable for 2018-19 school year activities.

Updated: May 17, 2019


Congratulations to Lilian L., our BJHS spelling bee champion! The winning word was: "conglomerate". Lilian represented BJHS in the Monroe County Spelling Bee and finished in the top five!

Updated: May 13, 2019


2018/19 Math League Results- Congratulations once again to all students who took this year's Math League test. The top 5 scores in each grade are combined to form a team score to compete against other schools. The team scores are then compared with the other schools who the test. The results are:

6th grade placed 14th overall, with a ream score of 96 points, and placed 3rd in our region. (6 counties)

7th grade placed 17th overall, with a team score of 90 points, and placed 4th in our region.

8th grade placed 12th overall, with a team score of 109 points, and placed 3rd in the region.

Posted: April 10, 2019


February 28, 2019

Dear Parents:

A recent social media challenge targeting children and young adults called the "Momo Challenge," has created concern throughout the country due to its disturbing nature. The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of this challenge, provide you with information about it, and urge you to monitor your children's use of social media and the Internet. The "Momo Challenge," a game reportedly found on Facebook, YouTube, Kids Tube, WhatsApp, and various other games and apps features a frightening avatar who asks its viewers to perform various tasks and provide photos as proof. The "Momo" threatens those who do not perform the tasks. Technology companies have released statements pointing out that there is no evidence supporting claims that the challenge actually exists within their sites. These companies believe that the word of mouth and viral images being passed around are perpetuating the concerns across the nation. Nevertheless, we are taking a proactive approach by asking parents to please be vigilant in monitoring your child's social media and internet interactions.

It's important that children know that they should not be trying to contact strangers online, regardless of the method. Setting privacy systems on devices with your child is a great way to have this conversation and agree on automatic precautions. Fostering an atmosphere of openness and transparency about online activity ensures that children can thrive. If you do notice them switching screens on their devices when approached or new numbers or email addresses on their devices, it's worth checking in with them.

We send this letter with caution because talking about the Challenge can cause alarm and fear in more students than those actually exposed. However, because many students are aware and discussing this at school, we wanted to address the issue. Thank you and we appreciate your continued partnership in ensuring a safe and protected learning experience. There are several prominent media sources that have completed reports on the topic of "Momo" and can easily be found by parents looking for further information on the topic. Please reach out to your child's principal if you have any questions or information to share.

Dr. Carl Shultz
Bedford Public Schools

Letter from the Superintendent
and Related Resources

Dear Bedford Public Schools Parents,

As you may or may not be aware, our district has recently experienced the loss of a recent graduate which has deeply impacted us as a community. We have implemented our school's Emergency Response Plan in an effort to provide appropriate support to staff and students within our buildings. Students and staff will react in different ways to crises of this nature, so it will be important to continue to have support available to assist individuals in need. Counselors and mental health professionals, along with building administration, are available in the school setting to assist students as they express their feelings related to loss. In addition, we have worked with the Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD) to provide additional on-site social workers for Bedford High School as needed.

The Bedford Public Schools plan is also designed to provide assistance to our students and their families when deemed necessary outside of the traditional school day. Please observe your child closely over the next several days and weeks to watch for signs of distress, which may indicate a need for additional support and guidance. I have included a list of references for available resources to help you recognize possible reactions you may observe in your child. Children that have advanced stages of grief or who suffer from severe depression may already be exhibiting warning signs for potential self-risk including withdrawal, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts. If you feel your child is in need of special assistance or is having a great deal of difficulty coping with their emotions, please do not hesitate to call or reach out to district staff or one of the professional resources listed. While it is important to deal with grief, loss, anger and fear reactions, we believe it is essential to resume as normal a routine as possible regarding home and school activities. Also, utilize frequent and honest conversations with your child to let them know that we all need assistance at some point. Please feel free to contact one of our district staff members or myself if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child, or the steps being taken by the school. I cannot stress enough the importance of working collaboratively to ensure the safety and proper care of our families and students.


1) National Association of School Psychologists (NASP): Addressing Grief - http://tinyw.in/dvZ3
2) National Alliance for Grieving Children: About Childhood Grief - http://tinyw.in/oYsF
3) Oakland County Health Department (Parent Toolkit) - http://tinyw.in/9Dx2
4) Monroe County Mental Health Resources Guide (Promedica Health) - http://tinyw.in/t4jD

Dr. Carl Shultz


Bedford Junior High School was well represented at the Michigan State FTC Championship Tournament. F.L.A.G. (Fight Like A Girl) joined the Turning Gears, Classical Engineers and the Loose Screws there after earning a spot as an Inspire Award winner at the Oxford District Qualifying Tournament. This is an impressive accomplishment for a team where the majority of the members are Robotics rookies! Way to go, ladies!

Group photo of team FLAG

The Turning Gears did well at the very competitive state tournament and finished as a division finalist.

We are so proud of all of the great achievements our FTC teams have made this season!

Congratulations to the Classical Engineers for winning the Mason District Tournament. Additionally, they won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Trophy, were the runner up winner for the Promote Award, and won the Compass Award. The team also secured a bid to the State Championship, making them the third BJHS team to qualify, joining the Loose Screws and the Turning Gears. Congratulations Classical Engineers!

The Loose Screws, FTC Team 5237, earned a trip to the Michigan State FTC Championships in a battle the knocked out their fellow BJHS team, the Bionic Broncos at our home tournament. The Bionic Broncos were awarded Finalist Trophies for finishing 2nd.

Other noteworthy accomplishments from the tournament included:

* Coach Sandra Wachowiak, of FTC 8579, the Classical Engineers, was awarded the Compass Award. This award is given to the top coach and is based on nomination videos that the student team members provide. Sandra has been an inspiration to her team and our Bedford program.

* The Loose Screws were also awarded the Connect Award for "Connecting the dots between community, FIRST, and the diversity of the engineering world. ", and second place Controls Award for "Mastering Robot intelligence. " for their autonomous programming.

* The Classical Engineers were awarded the Motivate Award for "Sparking others to embrace the culture of FIRST! "

* Team F.L.A.G - Fight Like A Girl was awarded the second place Think Award for "Removing engineering obstacles through creative thinking. "

* The Turning Gears, who qualified for states on Nov. 3rd at the Canton Qualifier, was awarded the third place Motivate Award.

group photo of Turning Gear Robotics Team

A Bedford Junior High School robotics team, The Turning Gears, earned a trip to the Michigan State competition last weekend as a finalist in a FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Qualifying Tournament! They will be traveling to the State Championship, which will be held in Battle Creek, MI, on Dec 14th-15th. Along with the coveted state invitation, they picked up a couple of extra awards during the day: the Motivate Award and Inspire Award!

Updated: January 24, 2019


Wacky Wednesday has started at the public library next door from 3:00-4 p.m.

Posted: October 18, 2018


Our 8th hour program is now available. This is an opportunity for students to get one-on-one help from teachers to complete their homework. It meets on Tuesdays through Thursdays after school from 2:35 to 3:30. To take advantage of this opportunity, parents need to fill out a permission slip provided by the office and sent to parents by e-mail. Students are to have work to do for the hour and will be dismissed at 3:30. Please arrange a ride home.

Posted September 20, 2018


Free & Reduced Meal Applications Now Available for 2018-19 School Year

Applications for free/reduced meals for 2018-2019 are available online, on the Food Service webpage, and in all the school offices.

This form must be filled our annually as benefits will expire on October 12, 2018 if a new application is not submitted. Families can also apply for Free and Reduced School Meals at any time during the school year.

Participation is confidential and anonymous to use. All student transactions at the cafeteria cash register appear identical regardless of whether students are paying full price, receiving reduced prices, or free meals, to protect the confidentiality of program participation.

This program provides the obvious benefit of providing nutritious meals as well as qualifying the school for additional benefits and access to additional resources based upon the level of participation. We encourage all eligible families to fill out the application regardless of whether or not you intend to use them. A win-win all the way around!

Food Service Donations Accepted

In the past, Bedford Public Schools has been fortunate to have received donations to help pay off students' negative food service balances. Accounts have been set up at each school to receive donations from anyone else interested in ensuring that all of our students can enjoy a healthy meal every day at school. Stop by the school office if you wish to make a similar donation.

Families can also apply for Free and Reduced School Meals at any time during the school year. Online applications can be completed through MyMealtime, and paper forms are available in each school office, or can be printed here. All student transactions at the cafeteria cash register appear identical regardless of whether students are paying full price, receiving reduced prices, or free meals, to protect the confidentiality of program participation. It's a win-win situation: the students benefit from the healthy food at breakfast and lunch with families keeping more of their hard earned money, and schools can benefit from federal funding and programs that become available based on family participation in the school meal program.

Posted July 10, 2018


Stop.... don't throw away your old, dried up markers!
We are excited to participate in collecting and converting our markers into clean energy. This also includes dry erase markers. There is a container behind the door monitor, please put all old markers in this container! Together, we are helping our planet one handful of markers at a time!

Posted: 2-15-2018


Enroll in Kroger Community Reward Program to help benefit BJHS students every time you shop! Select the Bedford Junior High School PTO # 81894 when you sign up. Your enrollment needs to be renewed annually after April 30th.


​Bedford Public Schools has substitute teaching opportunities for those with 90+ credit hours from a four-year accredited college or university.  Substitute teachers have the opportunity to choose the grade levels or subjects they prefer to teach and even how often you would like to work. If you are interested in this opportunity, our substitute teachers also referred to as “Guest Teachers” are hired through EDUStaff. Start your application today..

Para Professional, Lunchroom, Secretarial, Bus Driver and Playground Substitutes Also Needed Throughout the District.

​Applications are available at the Administration Building at 1623 W. Sterns Road, Temperance, MI 48182.


Caiden is student of the week for the week of 4/29. He was nominated by Mrs. Pridgeon and here's what she had to say: "Caiden is the example of happiness. He always has a smile and is always positive to those around him. He is an amazing social media specialist. There has not been a day when he hasn't asked how he can help. He is a hard working student who always tries his best. Caiden is fun in and out of school! Caiden will definitely be one of those people who is always paying forward to help the other guy!"



8th grade softball split last night's season opener against Saline.
First game win was 14-3 with Maddie H. pitching and Anika H. going yard not once but twice!! Second game was a tough loss 8-5. Your Broncos will be back at it next Wednesday at Ida. (3/15/2019)


The girl's track team beat Monroe last night with a score of 85 to 38!
The 4x800 meter relay team took a strong first place with Ally B, Sam S, Sydney D, Bekah A. Gabby P took first and Zita L took second in the 55 meter hurdles. Alison M took second and Jaelyn H took third in the 100 meter dash. In the 1600 meter run, PRs were both made for scoring girls, Bekah A, who took first with an astonishing time of 5:39 and Sydney D taking third place. Mia G, Lilly B, Samantha T, and Sidney D took first in the 4x200 meter relay. Mackenzie G, Jaelyn H, Gabby P, and Alison M took first in the 4x100 meter relay. Emma B took first and Lilly B took third in the 400 meter dash. Gabby P took first in the 70 meter dash. The girls took all the points home in the 800 meter run with Ally B placing first with an amazing time of 2:27, Katelyn D taking second and Zita L scoring third. Zita L also took first and Jaelyn H took third in the 200 meter hurdles. Mia G took second and Sidney D took third in the 200 meter dash. Sam S powered through the 3200 meter run and placed second for our team. We dominated High Jump, with Ally B taking first, Alison M taking second and Natalie M and Izzy L tying for third. Samantha T took first in shot put. We also swept Long Jump with Mackenzie G taking first, Katelyn D taking second and Mia G taking third! For Pole Vault, Bekah A took first, Emma B took second and Lucy L took third. Great job on pushing through the rain and winning our second meet of the season Lady Broncos! (5/6/2019)

Last night, the boys track and field took a loss to Adrian. Kyle R. finished first in the 800 and second in the 55 hurdles.
Josh G. was victorious in the 200 hurdles.
Mason S. keeps getting closer to the shot put record. He threw over 40 feet to win last night.
Bedford swept the pole vault with Nathan D. finishing first. Hunter P. finished second and Caleb J. in third.
Alex B. finished second in high jump followed by teammate, Braden V. in third.
David W. won his heat of the 100 meter dash.
Nice job team! (4/24/2019)




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