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Lunch Prices $$$

Secondary Meals.........$2.85

Adult Breakfast.............$1.75

Adult Lunch...................$3.75
(Adults may also purchase individual lunch entrees for $3.25, or individual portions of side fruit or vegetables for $1.00. )


      FAQs about Free & Reduced       Price School Meals

      Information on How to Apply for       Free and Recuded Price School       Meals

      2016-2017 Application for Free &       Reduced Price School Meals

      Breakfast & Lunch Menus

      Lunch Meal Pattern       Requirements


      Breakfast Meal Pattern       Requirements



      MRE: 8:10-8:25 in the café
      DRE: 8:00-8:25 in the café
      JRE: 8:00-8:25 in the café
      JHS: 7:00-7:20 in the café
      BHS: 7:00-7:20 in the café
Breakfast is available before school in each building's cafeteria. School breakfast helps students be more alert so they can learn more in class. Breakfast is a great way to gain vitamins and nutrients for a stRong and healthy body. Breakfast is affordable too!
A family qualifying for free or reduced-priced lunch receives the same benefits for breakfast. Help your child start the day off right with school breakfast!

Food Service

Meaghan Eckler
Director of Food Service & Child Nutrition
(734) 850-6127

Our Mission is not only to feed all of Bedford Public School students, but to educate them about eating healthier.

We strive to make meal time a pleasant experience for your child.


Welcome Back!

August 2016

Dear Parent or Guardian of Bedford Public Schools,

The new school year is upon us, and we wanted to extend a warm welcome. We are very excited to continue our partnership with Bedford Public Schools and wanted to let you know that we have some exciting events planned at your child's school cafeteria. Our job is to make sure that we serve healthy, well-balanced meals that our customers will enjoy. We also strive to make the dining experience a special one, so we have planned some activities designed to appeal to all of our customers.

For our secondary school customers, we are refreshing all our stations. Students will have many new and exciting menu items to choose from every day. We also plan on having some opportunities to educate students on healthier choices.

For our elementary school customers, we are offering new and refreshing menu choices, along with food demos with taste testing and opportunities to have educational time in the classroom.

The meal prices for 2016-2017 school year are as follows: Breakfast $1.30, Elementary Lunch $2.75, Middle School Lunch $2.85, and High School Lunch $2.85. For students who qualify for Free or Reduced: free students receive both Breakfast & Lunch at no cost, and reduced prices are $0.30 for Breakfast and $0.40 for Lunch. Free and Reduced applications can be found in the office at your child's school, at the link on this webpage, or on the MDE website If you qualified for free or reduced pricing for the 2015-2016 school year, your child will remain eligible until September 30, 2016.

Students may pay for meals in advance by making a deposit to their student meal accounts. We recommend doing so as it speeds up service and provides more time for your child to eat. However, cash is also accepted at the registers. Please make checks payable to "Bedford Public Schools."

We realize that it is possible for your child to forget his or her lunch money on occasion. The district's policy, should this event occur, is to provide a lunch to your student and to charge the meal to their account. However, as negative account balances are a financial burden to the district, your child will be placed on a cash only basis if their account reaches a negative balance of two or more meals. They will continue to be on a cash only basis until the outstanding balance is paid.

We are looking forward to a great year ahead and are very excited about the opportunity to make the dining experience at your child's school a memorable one.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.


Meaghan Eckler, R.D.
Food Service Director
Chartwells Dining Services
Office: 734.850.6127


Lunch Menus



What's happening at Bedford Food Service

Bedford Food Service has implemented a computerized system for students to use for food service purchases.
- System allows for parental controls to be set on an individual basis.
- Assures privacy of students participating in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program for free or reduced meals.
 - Elementary students will use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and secondary students will use PIN or Identification card to access their accounts. Student's PIN is their student numbers that they utilize for other services in the district such as media services and computer access.

Prepayments are accepted for student's food service accounts. All monies sent in will be applied to student's food service account. Please place prepayments in an envelope marked with student's name and room/grade. Prepaying helps lines move more quickly and allows students more time to eat and socialize in the dining area!

Students will be allowed a maximum of two meal charges. If not repaid, student will be provided a peanut butter or cheese sandwich and milk. Repayment of charges is expected the next school day. If a hardship circumstance exists, applications are available for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program. (Applications are available at all school building offices or from the food service department.)

Mealtime Online

You are now able to view your student’s account on line and add money to their account. It not only helps speed up lines during meal service but allows you to track your student’s spending. Click on the MealTime Online logo and follow the instructions for you own account. You will need your students PIN/Student number to set up and view account information and apply money.

Elementary Schools

Each elementary building offers breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is served when your child gets off the bus. In most buildings, students are allowed a little extra time for breakfast. At lunch time we offer your child a choice of two entrees, two vegetables, and fruit. We offer a variety of milk.

Breakfast Times by School:
MRE: 8:10-8:25 in the café
DRE: 8:00-8:25 in the café
JRE: 8:00-8:25 in the café

Junior High/High School

There is a wide variety of menu options offered to the junior high and high school students. All meal choices are available to student on the National School Lunch and Breakfast free/reduced program.

Breakfast Time: 7:00-7:20 in the Cafe.

(Students eligible for free or reduced lunch are also eligible for the same benefits for breakfast)

National School Lunch & Breakfast Program

Bedford Public Schools participates in the USDA National School Lunch and Breakfast Program. Free or Reduced priced meals are available for those students/households that qualify. Please complete an application and submit for eligibility determination. Applications are available at all school building offices or from the food service department. A completed application must be received at the start of each school year for students to continue on meal benefits. Applications may take up to 10 (ten) days to process) All information provided is confidential and is used only for determination of meal benefits and services available for the student.

Summer Food Service Program 

Meet Up and Eat Up Graphic

Summer meals are being served in Monroe County for kids and teens. This is open to all children 18 and younger. There is no enrollment and no cost. Click here for a list of locations and times.

For information regarding Summer Food Service Programs please visit: