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2018 School Bond Image Collage of school buildings, students, BPS logo, Preserve Our Schools; Protect Our Students, Vote November 6, 2018, More info at www.mybedford.us/html.usThank you to Bedford Voters
for supporting our school!
Follow our progress on
JRE Bond projects at: www.mybedford.us/bond.html

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences are the week of November 19th. Your student's classroom teacher should have reached out and scheduled these already. The following JRE specialists will be available on Monday, November 19th from 12:00-5:30 p.m. for drop in conferences:

Betsy Schalmo-Art
Mike Huber-Physical Education
Jessica Neboysky-Exploratory
Erin Edwards-Music
Julie Eaton-Reading Specialist
Shelley Rogers-Speech
Jackie Wayne-Resource Room
Kim Giovannucci-Resource Room
Jennifer Harrison-Speech (12:00-2:45 only)

School Improvement Parent Surveys

JRE would love to have your input on our school improvement parent survey.

We would also love to have parents join our school improvement team. We typically meet the third Wednesday of every month. If you are interested, please email Mrs. Eaton at julie.eaton@mybedford.us.

Posted: November 6, 2018

JRE PTO Santa Shop
December 3rd-7th

The Santa Shop will be in the JRE Computer Lab. Classes will be attending the Santa Shop during their media center time.

Please click on this link to volunteer to help. We truly appreciate your support.

Posted: November 14, 2018

Next PTO Meeting: December 10th

Join us for our next PTO meeting on Monday, December 10th @3:30 p.m. in the JRE Media Center.

Posted: November 19, 2018

Monroe Bank & Trust Banking Day

The next banking day will be Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Students who are interested in opening an account may see Mrs. Byrne in the main office for a packet.

Posted: November 19, 2018

JRE Jaggs and Grandparents Bingo Night

Please join us for our second student/grandparent (or special guest) bingo night on Wednesday, December 5th from 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the JRE gymnasium. We hope you can join us for the fun! Prizes for all including grand prizes of extra recess for your class, parachute play in the gym with Ms. Ortiz, Mrs. Farnan, and more!

Posted: November 19, 2018

JRE PTO Auction--Save the Date--March 8, 2019

Auction help is needed to help fill our baskets. Your student's classroom teacher will be sending home their classroom basket theme in case you want to shop early for items to donate. We appreciate any support you can offer. This is the PTO's main fundraiser.

Posted: November 19, 2018

Monroe Bank & Trust Banking Day

The next banking day will be Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Students who are interested in opening an account may see Mrs. Byrne in the main office for a packet.

Holiday Help

Please click on this link to learn about holiday help that is available.

Posted: November 14, 2018

JRE can earn up to $20,000.00 per year by clipping Box Tops!

Please place Box Tops in an envelope or plastic bag in groups of 50. We cannot use expired box tops, so they will not count. Please include student's name, teacher, and number of Box Tops on the bag or envelope. Thank you JRE Student Council for collecting and counting our Box Tops this year. There are also classroom prizes that can be won!

Box tops are due on the dates listed below. The class that averages the most box tops for that month will receive the prize listed.

     October 31: PJ Day
     November 30: Special eraser for each student
     January 31: $25.00 to purchase games for recess
     February 28: Extra Recess
     March 29: $25.00 to purchase books for your classroom
     April 30: "Mystery Prize"
     May 31: Popsicle for each student

Posted: October 23, 2018


Dear Bedford Public Schools Parents,

In recent years there has been an emerging trend in the use of various nicotine and cannabis/THC based products and electronic delivery devices among school age children. As a parent and educator, I have witnessed countless incidents that have resulted in ill students or law enforcement intervention related to these types of products. Bedford Public Schools, like every other district in the country, is affected by this epidemic and we continue to search for better ways to keep our students safe both while in school and out in the community. The first step in ensuring our students safety is to educate and inform our community on the existence and dangers of nicotine and cannabis/THC related products and devices. National and regional authorities are also working to intensify the education and prevention programs associated with electronic nicotine devices by addressing the root source. Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent out warnings to producers and retailers regarding the penalties for targeting minors through advertising and retail displays. One of the true dangers with these products is the packaging and design which are made to resemble everyday objects, such as USB flash drives, credit cards, and writing pens. Device designs can make it very difficult for school leaders and parents to easily identify prohibited devices.

As a district, we have addressed the possession, use, and distribution of these types of products in our Board of Education Bylaws and Polices (5512) and our student handbook. The consequences for violating the policy can be severe and include up to, and including, expulsion from school. In accordance with State of Michigan Law, BPS follows restorative practices when determining student consequences and works to ensure that students have an opportunity to participate in county-wide assistance programs to help families better understand the dangers of recreational and additive use. We have been able to accomplish this goal, while maintaining the necessary privacy for students and their families as required by state law, and, more importantly, do the right thing to ensure assistance programs are followed.

The best way for Bedford Public Schools to combat this rising epidemic is to partner with our parents and community resource providers to ensure a well-rounded prevention model. BPS will continue to present information regarding trends and available resources. Informed parents know what to look for and can be prepared to take appropriate action if the need arises. Parents can be the eyes and ears when our students are outside of our buildings. Together, we can keep our students safe. Please, take the time to speak to your children about the dangers of electronic nicotine and cannabis/THC use. Share the available resources with them and keep an eye out for possession of the types of devices that are becoming increasingly popular. Below are some links to available resources that parents can use to become better educated on this topic: including facts on JUUL, the most popular product currently being sold in the country; and images of some examples of electronic nicotine/THC devices.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services: A Primer on Emerging Tobacco Products

10 Things to Know About JUUL

Google Images of Examples of Electronic Nicotine Devices

Carl Shultz, PhD
Dr. Carl Shultz
Bedford Public Superintendent

Physical Education & Expolratory Classes Outside

Physical education will be going outside. They stay outside until late fall weather permitting. Exploratory classes may also be going outside. Be prepared with appropriate outerwear and accessories for the weather forecast!

Updated October 22, 2018

teacher with marker recycling containerJRE to be a COLORCYCLE school!

We are partnering with Crayola to recycle markers. We will be collecting ALL markers that would go in the trash and they will recycle them for us. (Even those that are NOT Crayola!) ALL markers!! Student Council students made collection bins to go in classrooms for collection of the used markers and will be helping with this project throughout the year.

Posted September 7, 2018

School Pictures

To order online: Go to mylifetouch.com
Enter the Picture Day ID: LM758021Y0
Picture Retake Day ID: LM758021Y1
Follow prompts

JRE Spirit Wear Store
Now open from November 9-25th

Check out our Jackman Road Elementary spirit wear store! It's stocked with tons of newly designed JRE apparel.

Store will be open for additional sale dates for this year on March 1-10. Orders are delivered 2-3 weeks after the store closing date.

Posted November 14, 2018

Fresh is Best Snacks Reminder

This is a reminder that JRE has a "fresh is best" snack policy. The staff also does this for snack time. In addition, I wanted to address some of the questions that came about as a result of this change. Please understand that this is just not about allergies and keeping all of our students safe. "Fresh is best" simplified snack time and increased instructional time because teachers weren't reading labels, opening snacks, sending students to the lunchroom for sporks or napkins, and calling Mrs. Juliana for clean-ups. The ten minutes or so a day we are gaining back can add up to an additional week of instruction. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Posted September 4, 2018

Picking Up at the End of the Day

If your student will be picked up during the day, or there is a change to their normal routine, please provide a note to the office. We only release students to their parents/guardians unless prior arrangements have been made. Please note that picture identification is required to pick up a student. Thank you for helping to keep our students safe.

Posted September 4, 2018




New this year for 3rd-5th grade students and their families is Schoology. A link has been added in the Quick Links section on the left.

For the students, teachers use Schoology to post their classroom materials online; provide a safe forum for students to discuss their ideas and collaborate on projects; and to assign and collect homework electronically. It helps students stay organized and it keeps the class connected.

For the parents, the Schoology Parent Account gives you access to:
-- The classes your child is enrolled in.
-- Your child's upcoming assignments/events.
-- School and class announcements.
-- Grades and attendance information.

You will need a Parent Access Code that you can get from your child's teacher to create your account. You can choose to set up notifications to come to your email and opt to receive additional notifications when a child has an overdue assignment.

Use these links to find out more information about signing up and getting started in Schoology:


Schoology is also available as an app for your mobile devices.

Posted August 22, 2018


Free & Reduced Meal Applications Now Available for 2018-19 School Year

Applications for free/reduced meals for 2018-2019 are available online, on the Food Service webpage, and in all the school offices.

This form must be filled our annually as benefits will expire on October 12, 2018 if a new application is not submitted. Families can also apply for Free and Reduced School Meals at any time during the school year.

Participation is confidential and anonymous to use. All student transactions at the cafeteria cash register appear identical regardless of whether students are paying full price, receiving reduced prices, or free meals, to protect the confidentiality of program participation.

This program provides the obvious benefit of providing nutritious meals as well as qualifying the school for additional benefits and access to additional resources based upon the level of participation. We encourage all eligible families to fill out the application regardless of whether or not you intend to use them. A win-win all the way around!

Food Service Donations Accepted

In the past, Bedford Public Schools has been fortunate to have received donations to help pay off students' negative food service balances. Accounts have been set up at each school to receive donations from anyone else interested in ensuring that all of our students can enjoy a healthy meal every day at school. Stop by the school office if you wish to make a similar donation.

Families can also apply for Free and Reduced School Meals at any time during the school year. Online applications can be completed through MyMealtime, and paper forms are available in each school office, or can be printed here. All student transactions at the cafeteria cash register appear identical regardless of whether students are paying full price, receiving reduced prices, or free meals, to protect the confidentiality of program participation. It's a win-win situation: the students benefit from the healthy food at breakfast and lunch with families keeping more of their hard earned money, and schools can benefit from federal funding and programs that become available based on family participation in the school meal program.

Posted July 10, 2018

JRE School Garden Project

JRE Garden

JRE was recently awarded a $3,700.00 grant from Lowes to begin our school garden.
The first phase of the school garden included constructing 5 raised cedar garden beds and filling them with dirt, laying gravel around the beds, installing a wooden fence with a gate around the garden, and assembling a shed to house the garden tools and supplies.

We began a composting program during lunch hours for grades 4 and 5 at the beginning of this school year. Exploratory students will plant the first seeds and plants in the garden beds in the spring.

YOU can help. We are also counting on support through donations (expertise, volunteer time, supplies, money, etc.) to make this successful. We will need help over the summers to keep up with weeding, watering, and harvesting. You can email Mrs. Schalmo or Mrs. Neboyskey at jessica.neboyskey@mybedford.us and let us know how you would like to help.

Trowels, Plastic Watering Cans, Garden Gloves (small adult and child size), Tomato cages, Hand rakes and yard rakes, Bamboo stakes, Hand pruners, Fan sprayer (hose nozzle), Turning composter, Trellis, Large pots for herb garden, Hose, Shovels, 6 ft. tall bamboo or straight tree branches for bean teepee , Twine or garden wire, Garden books from Amazon wishlist. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/7mwDeY8

Please make sure all pre-used items donated are clean and in good condition. No rusty or broken items please.

Amazon Smile

​Did you know you can help the JRE PTO when you shop on Amazon? Thank you to anyone who can help with this!

When you #StartWithaSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Jackman Road Elementary PTO Inc. Bookmark this Amazon Smile link and support us every time you shop!

Lost & Found

Help the lost items become found items! Please mark your clothing, lunch boxes, etc., with names on the inside.

Drop Off/Pick Up Safety

We would like to remind all parents to follow our procedures during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Two areas of concern:

We appreciate everyone taking the time to follow the rules and keep our students and staff safe. Drivers not following procedures will be reported to the district liaison officer. We encourage everyone to ride the bus if it is available.


Substitutes Needed

​Bedford Public Schools has substitute teaching opportunities for those with 90+ credit hours from a four-year accredited college or university.  Substitute teachers have the opportunity to choose the grade levels or subjects they prefer to teach and even how often you would like to work. If you are interested in this opportunity, our substitute teachers also referred to as “Guest Teachers” are hired through EDUStaff. Start your application today..

Para Professional, Lunchroom, Secretarial, Bus Driver and Playground Substitutes Also Needed
​Applications are available at the Administration Building at 1623 W. Sterns Road, Temperance, MI 48182.



​* Note: Dismissal time on any half days is at 12:00 pm (noon).

Morning Drop-Off Loop-Begins at 8:20 a.m. 
​Afternoon Pick-Up Loop Begins at 3:30 p.m. 


​​District Facilities Calendar

(ML Schedules is a searchable calendar for events at all Bedford Public Schools' facilities)

2018-2019 District
School-Year-At-a Glance​ Calendar

BPS Year at a Glance Calendar Thumbnail Image

Note: Spring Break week in the 2018-19 school year does not include Easter. Good Friday is a day off.


Community & Adult Education programs, classes, leagues, and events for the current season.

Community Education Brochure Cover Thumbnail Image

September-December 2018 Brochure

Register Online!


Student Handbook

Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy


If you see or hear something that doesn't seem right, you can submit a confidential tip to OK2SAY. OK2SAY allows anyone to confidentially report tips on criminal activities or potential harm directed at Michigan students, school employees, or schools.

TEXT: 652729 (OK2SAY)
PHONE: 8-555-OK2SAY (855-565-2729)
ONLINE: www.ok2say.com

App available for iPhone and Android devices